It seems a lot of marketers are turning to disruptive marketing techniques nowadays and I can completely understand why. The way we market has really changed and to stand out from a crowd in today’s world you have to capture the minds and hearts of your consumers but does it have to be so aggressive?

I can think of some great disruptive marketers out there who have seem and space in the marketplace for them and have gone for it, and they do stand out but is it really for everyone?

It is like swearing when you have been brought up never to curse. I personally believe that there is room for everyone but as a marketer you can’t just get away with devising a solid marketing plan anymore, you have to be creative, you have to listen to what your people want and you have to know where the marketplace is going. Long gone is the time when you could pontificate over what was coming next, things are moving really fast and you either make an impact nowadays and grab people or you lose to the competitor hot on your heels.

I was quite taken a back when I learnt about disruptive marketing…..I remember thinking ‘oh god do we have to stoop to shock targets to win sales from now on’ but then I worked with some brands, understood the changing landscape and realised it had it’s place and it’s value.

Some of my favourite brands and products I purchase or consume do disruptive marketing to a tea. It has it all. Great packaging, global attain, fantastic range, excellent campaigns, is hilarious and keeps me on my toes wanting to know what is coming next. Does it give me a n identity… a point. Even though I am in my 40’s I still want to hang with the cool gang, I still want to have a laugh, I always want to be aware and most importantly I want to know who is the new kid on the block taking marketing to it’s new heights.

Disruptive marketing can be done badly as well but I like the bullishness of it. In every industry that is the case, there are pros and amateurs, choose to be a pro.

With an ever changing landscape we can’t always get it right every time, but what we can do is keep our ears to the ground, listen to our customers wants, define where the future is and show the world that as we stand up, we stand out and being ballsy is an admiral thing to possess and is most definitely not for the fate hearted.