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Quantum Media is an agency that offers it's clients the integrated approach with the personal touch. We wanted to help clients and home business owners bridge their knowledge gaps in Marketing and Digital technologies so they feel confident to do business in this fast pace space. With Marketing and Digital strategies constantly evolving, it is our role to keep abreast of those trends and bring to your world our publishing, creative, data and digital experience merged with the most up to date technologies and strategies available, ultimately giving you a refreshing approach. A forward thinking marketer can make a huge impact for your business, product or service. We're here to help: contact us, and let's start building your future today. Quantum Media provides the personal delivery along with [...]

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Marketing Smarketing!

I used to think if I talk too much about myself people will think I am self obsessed, somewhat arrogant and egotistical. But what actually happened is I wouldn’t talk about myself at all and trust that my results and integrity would speaks for themselves. Well I was partly right and so very wrong all in one breath because by not claiming my achievements other people throughout my career were quite clearly happy to do so for me. You grow wise, you stay humble but you never let it happen again. I have always said your reputation goes before you and in business that is so so true. I look back now in my mature awareness and think why the hell did I ever care what other people [...]

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Why choose to be a disruptive marketer?

It seems a lot of marketers are turning to disruptive marketing techniques nowadays and I can completely understand why. The way we market has really changed and to stand out from a crowd in today’s world you have to capture the minds and hearts of your consumers but does it have to be so aggressive? I can think of some great disruptive marketers out there who have seem and space in the marketplace for them and have gone for it, and they do stand out but is it really for everyone? It is like swearing when you have been brought up never to curse. I personally believe that there is room for everyone but as a marketer you can’t just get away with devising a solid marketing plan [...]

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Has Marketing really changed?

I have personally really seen a massive shift in how people and businesses market their products and services over the last 20+ years but has marketing really changed? No, the marketing principles at the core stay exactly the same but what does move and shift is the demands and in the marketplace and the trends, techniques, strategies and technologies to deliver those objectives. Marketing anything isn’t that complicated you are basically warming people up to buy from you but what is now different is people’s expectations on how you will do that. People expect so much more nowadays, they have so much choice and don’t wait to be told things anymore they can research it for themselves and get the best deal, so marketing effectively becomes even more [...]

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